3 quick ways to slash your DEWA bills

3 quick ways to slash your DEWA bills

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Living the Dubai life are we? Not quite. As much as we love our City, Dubai can be harsh on the wallet, especially when it comes to utility bills. While the regulatory authority such as DEWA, FEWA and SEWA have done plenty in educating consumers about the increasing costs, consumers need to take matters into their own hands. Here are 3 quick and effective ways in slashing your electricity bills:


  1. Change to LED - This really could not be simpler. LED lamps and fixtures can save consumers from 50% to 90% in electricity consumption. In most houses electricity will make up a major portion of the electricity bill, and LED devices allows the you to drastically cut your expenses. A traditional incandescence bulb is 60W, while the LED replacement from Philips is 7W. That is a 88% percent reduction in watts consumed instantly. With prices of LED lamps dropping over the last couple of years and the lighting options offered, there really is no excuse not to move to LED. Here is the added kicker, LED bulbs produce less heat than traditional bulbs, making the move to LED much cooler (pun intended) . Check our our LED collection right here.
  2. Use Surge protective devices - While retail consumers tend to gravitate towards power strips or extension sockets, all our corporate sales clients prefer surge protectors. While the name suggests surge protector only protect devices when there is a power surge, they also ensure no vampire power is used. "Vampire power" is a term used for devices such a fans or TV's or even PCS who use power even, when they are switches off, really even when they are off. The only way to effectively ensure no power is drained is either unplug them all, or conveniently use surge protective devices to check and control each device. Check out our powermatic selection.
  3. Install window tints - In houses with large glass roofs or sun facing windows, the amount of heat entering the room directly determines how much the AC has to work to keep the room cool. Applying window tints helps keep your room cooler, therefore reducing the load on the air conditioner. 



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